Find the GPS Coorindinates of your special location

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Welcome to this quick guide on how to find the GPS Coordinates for your special location. For this example we will be using Google Maps in a desktop browser environment. We will add the guide on how to find the code in a mobile/phone environment soon (it’s very similar). Get in touch if you would like to see this guide in an Apple maps or Bing environement.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask a question!

1. Find the location

Find the location either by using the search box or by navigating around until you find the spot. You can use either the Map[ (as seen below) or switch over to the satellite image. For this guide we’ll use the map and search box – looking for the Eiffel Tower.

How to find your gps

2. What's here?

Once you have found the location that you have been looking for, Right-Click with you mouse on the spot and it should bring up a menu list (shown below). Go ahead and click on the list item that says What’s here?

How to find your gps

3. Code at the bottom

After the click, a little box will appear at the bottom of the page. Similar to the below; Go ahead and Left-Click on the decimal code.

How to find your gps

4.  Voilà - Your GPS Code

The next thing you know you will see this side-bar appear with the two codes. The version on top (and selected in blue in the image) is the traditional degree-minutes-seconds format. While below is the decimal version. Both can be supplied to use. Depending on which version you would like displayed on your print, copy it to your clipboard and past in the the order form or message to us.

How to find your gps
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